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What is a hair activator for?

Persistent hair coloring in order to obtain the desired color is carried out using chemical dyes, consisting of 2 components: an oxidizing agent and a dye preparation. For more references, check out: bleach and developer ratio

The hair dye oxidizer acts as an activator and catalyst, helping the coloring pigment to penetrate into the hair shaft. Dyes used without oxides act superficially on the hairline, toning them for a short time.

The principle of the oxidizer in hair coloring

The active substance of all oxidants (oxides, oxygenants, developing emulsions, activators) used for dyeing and bleaching hair is hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The percentage of Н2О2 is indicated on the container with oxide and does not exceed 12%.

The principle of operation of the oxidizing agent during coloring is as follows:

1.       It acts on the stratum corneum, opening its scales, thereby helping the dye composition to penetrate into the hair shaft.

2.       Inside the hair, hydrogen peroxide reacts with its natural pigment, oxidizing it. As a result, the pigment is partially destroyed, acquiring the ability to wash out of the hair.

After the preliminary work carried out by the oxide, the coloring composition enters into action, which penetrates into the already partially empty hair and clogs it with a coloring artificial pigment, providing persistent coloring.

What percentage of oxide to choose when coloring?

In hair dye products intended for home use, oxygen is supplied with a tube of dye. As a rule, it is an oxidizing agent with 9% or 12% H2O2 concentration.

For professional coloring in salons, the master himself chooses an oxygenant with the desired concentration of H2O2 according to certain criteria, which include:

Overview of oxidants from different manufacturers of hair cosmetics

All oxides, regardless of the manufacturer, have one active substance - hydrogen peroxide. The composition of additional components may vary. Some manufacturers additionally include caring components in the developing emulsion.

How to apply oxygenate?

In hair dye products intended for home use, the oxygen agent is included with the dye preparation.

When dyeing hair with professional means, the dye and the oxidizer are mixed in equal proportions. You should choose a dye and oxide from the same manufacturer to obtain the required consistency of the dye composition, which provides convenient application and uniform coloring.

General characteristics

It is used with Estel ESSEX cream colors of 8-10 tone levels for pastel toning of bleached hair. Mixing ratio 1: 2.


Stabilized hydrogen peroxide, cosmetic preservatives, caring ingredients, pH-level regulator, distilled water - solvent.